I work with Prismacolor Pencils, a wax-based colored pencil, on Strathmore Illustration Board, an acid-free heavyweight vellum. The pencils are rated in varying degrees of colorfastness (will not fade) but I would recommend framing my work behind Museum Glass, or at the very least, Conservation Clear Glass. My work is also sprayed with an archival fixative to protect the surface and give the drawing a uniform satin finish.

I begin by taking my own digital photographs of the child or animal during an arranged photo session, usually at the client’s home and outdoors, in a familiar and natural setting. For my LA clients, my brother and Photographer Kevin Scanlon will arrange and execute the shoot for me. Kevin is a professional editorial photographer for such Regional and National publications as LA Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, and many more (visit kevinscanlon.com to view his work).

'Danny' 'Morgan'

For child or family portraits, I avoid using studio family portraits as a drawing reference because I want my portraits to reflect a sense of informality along with a candid expression. I want my subjects to be at ease, whether sitting with a pet in the grass, eating some fruit, or sniffing a flower. That is essential to my work: having that solid foundation on which a truly memorable portrait will be built.

My fees vary. My portraits can be tailored to your budget; the more detail, the higher the fee. If I am quoting a fee for a dog portrait it depends on the breed; ones with long or curly fur demand more attention to detail, thus take longer to complete. For children, it depends on the composition and size. A drawing like “Danny”, which features a detailed background, a prop, and most of his body and hands, will be more expensive than a ‘tight’ close-up with minimal background detail like my drawing of “Morgan”. Please call or email for price quotes (see contact info below). My quoted fee includes any digital work, photo proofs, postage, artist materials, and hand-delivery of the artwork.

I can work in almost any size but the dimensions most frequently used are anywhere from 11” x 14” to 15” x 17”.

It takes me 2-3 weeks to complete an illustration from the time I get final approval on the photo reference.

Final work does not include matting or framing service, but I do recom- mend a framer in my area, Borelli-Edwards Galleries. Joy Edwards, (proprietor, curator, and appraiser) has been in the business for 30 years and she would love to help you frame my work! For more information visit her website by clicking the logo below:

Contact Info for Jen Scanlon:


Phone: 412.780.6970